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British Electric Traction Co. Ltd


British Electric Traction Co. Ltd., which was established in 1895, was formed to introduce new tramway systems together with the taking over of existing tramways. It soon became apparent that the motor bus was becoming a more economical form of transport and began to invest heavily in forming new Omnibus companies. As buses became more reliable and refined, and coaches became more luxurious, more and more companies came under the auspices of B.E.T.

There are many prints available within the B.E.T. series and each individual company is listed under the B.E.T. title. Some of the companies were quite small, e.g., County Motors operated about 25 vehicles, whereas Midland Red (B.M.M.O.) who manufactured many of their own vehicles operated at one point over 1900 vehicles.

The fleets were all individal, operated many different types and makes of vehicles and had their own distinctive livery. I do hope that you enjoy perusing the B.E.T. pages and perhaps you would let me know if you require any particular buses painting which have not as yet been included in this collection.

Various images are included below to show the wide variety of vehicles operated by B.E.T.. You can order any of these by selecting your requirements from the appropriate company as shown in the main menu, or from the images below.