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Why would anyone wish to paint buses, lorries, cars and trains?  The answer is simple: my wife won't let me paint gorgeous girls in the style of Domingo and Vargas. I was born during the last war, and lived during that fascinating period of transport history which has been described as a 'Golden Age'. Looking back, we must have been a hardier race than we have become  today, when one remembers bus and lorry drivers wrestling with heavy steering and sometimes struggling with heavy clutches and crash gearboxes.

At school I was always more comfortable pursuing the arts as opposed to the sciences, although I did enjoy Chemistry and can recall distilling some pure alcohol in a test tube whilst the rest of the class were producing tons of Hydrogen Sulphide! Art, Music and Literature were my favourites at school and have become a lifelong passion ever since. These days I concentrate on mainly transport scenes, but I do enjoy painting landscapes and city scenes: I've always admired fine buildings and at one time contemplated becoming an Architect, but the Maths let me down.

I passed all my piano exams and went on to study Church organ and still spend as much time as I can playing piano.I played cricket from an early age and still enjoy watching it on T.V. or at our local ground. I also enjoy Rugby Union and especially enjoy the international matches.My other love apart from the above mentioned are  most things Italian: food, wine, clothes, cars and in particular Puccini.

We now have over 300 images depicting Commercial Vehicles, Fire Engines, Buses and Coaches, American,British, German and Italian classic cars. I  am currently accepting commissions; these are available in water colour, gouache or acrylics and are finished with full background or single image studies.

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