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North Western Road Car Co

Until it's demise the company traced it's origins back to 1913 and operated until 1972 when politics decreed that it should become part of a new Passenger Transport Executive.

From 1942 North Western became part of the B.E.T. empire.

Early products were supplied by Tilling Stevens, Leyland, Dennis and Bristol the latter company supplying a large proportion of the fleet.  Leyland and Atkinson were supplied after the war and some of my all time favourite lowbridge bodies were supplied by Weymann on Leyland PD2/12 Titan chassis.  I consider these to be some of the most hansome half cab double deckers ever built - and then came the Orion!!!

The livery was a very distinctive light red and cream with black lining and very smart they looked.

Further paintings are planned from this once fine fleet.


Starting from: £3.95


Starting from: £3.95