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East Kent Road Car Co

East Kent Road car co was formed in 1916 with the amalgamation, amongst others, of Ramsgate Motor Coaches and Deal & District Motor Services. Sydney Garke, who was the son of Emile Garke, the founder of the British Electric Traction company, was put in charge of proceedings and appointed chairman of the company. The East Kent board inclued Walter Flaxman French, whose name was more approprate as a composer of Operas rather than as a controller of buses!!

Both stage carriage sevices and a wide range of excursions and tours were developed and continued up to and during the first world war, after which expansion began by introducing new routes and by acquiring about 50 smaller operators.

Whereas Southdown were loyal to Leyland, East Kent operated a variety of vehicles including A.E.C., Daimler, Dennis, Guy, Leyland, Morris Commercial and Tilling Stevens. (Two new paintings are being prepared depicting a Morris Commercial Double Decker and a Leyland TD4)

The livery was a rich red and sometimes included a darker shade and ivory and ensuered that the buses looked very smart.



Starting from: £3.95


Starting from: £3.95


Starting from: £3.95