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Birmingham & Midland Motor Omnibus Co. (Midland Red).

The company was formed in 1904 as the Birmingham & Midland Motor Omnibus Company and was registered by the Birmingham Motor Express Company Ltd, but in 1905 B.E.T. replaced the original directors and made available the necessary capital for the company to expand its services. From 1912 one of the most famous names in the bus industry, L.G.Wyndham Shire, took control of engineering, and from 1923 to about 1970 BMMO designed and manufactured most of its own fleet of buses.

From the early years, the company used the initials "S.O.S." to identify its vehicles and some speculative suggestions as to what exactly the initials stood for were:- "Shires Own Specification" or "Superior Omnibus Specification". Over the years the company manufactured thousands of buses and coaches which were very distinctive in appearance, and by the mid 1960s over 1900 vehicles wre operated, but as with most other companies there was a gradual decline in the number of vehicles in service due to the increasing popularity of the motor car.

Northern General transport and Trent also operated buses built by BMMO but eventually settled  for buses produced by mainstream manufacurers.

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